Programming as Cultural Technology
Programming as Cultural TechnologyIXDM's Felix Gerloff on questioning the discourses of computational thinking.
Times of Waste Exhibition
Times of WasteAn exhibition by the Times of Waste research team at Museum der Kulturen Basel.
wastescapesAn audio walk by the research team of Times of Waste, part of their upcoming exhibition in Basel.
Hello, Robot.
Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine.Susanna Hertrich's work among others at Vitra Design Museum's exhibition on robotics.
Laboratories in art and design
Laboratories in art and designClaudia Mareis, head of IXDM and the Critical Media Lab, in a radio conversation about the new wave of labs (in German).
What is a Media Lab?
What is a Media Lab?IXDM's Claudia Mareis and Jamie Allen talk about the Critical Media Lab Basel, its characteristics and relations to the idea of a Media Lab. An interview by Darren Wershler, Jussi Parikka and Lori Emerson as part of What Is A Media Lab?.