Dr. Lucie Kolb – Researcher

Dr. Lucie Kolb is a researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures Basel, the Zurich University of the Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Besides she also writes criticism for art magazines, is co-editor of the magazine Brand-New-Life and member of the art commission of Kultur Stadt Bern. Her main fields of research are institutional studies, art writing, self-publishing and art education.

She worked at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts as a researcher at CC Design & Management (2017-2018) and as a PhD assistant at the CC Art, Design & Public Spheres (2011–2014). She was a recipient of SNSF Doc.Mobility grant (2014-2016). Furthermore, she worked as a web developer for different agencies (2007–2011).

Lucie Kolb graduated from Zurich University of the Arts in 2010. She exhibited amongst other institutions at Kumu Art Museum Tallinn, Kunsthaus Glarus, MUKHA Antwerp, Les Complices*, Shedhalle Zürich. 2017 she completed her Ph.D. studies in philosophy and aesthetic theory at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with distinction.



„Studium, nicht Kritik“, Wien: transversal texts (2017), https://transversal.at/books/studiumnichtkritik

„Study, Not Critique”, Vienna: transversal texts (2018), https://transversal.at/books/study-not-critique

Edited Volumes

“Fandom“, Zürich: B-N-L (2018), with Barbara Preisig, Pablo Müller, Judith Welter

“Paratexte. Zwischen Produktion, Vermittlung und Rezeption” Zürich: Diaphanes (2018), with Barbara Preisig, Judith Welter

“Art Handling. Partituren der Logistik” Zürich: JRP|Ringier (2016), with Christoph Lang, Wolfgang Ullrich, Judith Welter

On Curating, Nr. 21 “(New) Institution(alism)” (2014), with Gabriel Flückiger, http://www.on-curating.org/issue-21.html

“We would like to learn and we are working on a book…”, Berlin: Passenger Books (2012), with Corinn Gerber, Romy Rüegger

Book Chapters

“’We need to talk’. Kunst, Kritik und e-flux conversations” in: Ines Kleesattel, Pablo Müller (eds.) in: “The Future is Unwritten” Zürich: Diaphanes (2018), pp. 157–171

“Arbeit am Rahmen. A.N.Y.P. und when tekkno turns to sound of poetry” in: Lucie Kolb, Barbara Preisig, Judith Welter (eds.) “Paratexte” Zürich: Diaphanes 2018, pp. 101–114

“Kein Anschluss unter dieser Nummer. School o Visual Arts–Institut für Theorie” in: Franziska Koch, Daniel Kurjakovic, Lea Pfäffli (eds.) “The Air Will Not Deny You. Zürich im Zeichen einer anderen Globalität” Zürich: Diaphanes 2016, pp. 72–75

“The Language Issue”, in: Lucie Kolb (ed.) “Artistic Research: The Language Issue”, Lucerne: Swiss Artistic Research Network 2014, pp. 4-11, https://issuu.com/swissartisticresearchnetwork/docs/3sarnbooklet_dweb2

“New Institutionalism Revisited”, in: On Curating, No. 21 (2014), pp. 6-17, online: http://oncurating-journal.de/index.php/issue-21.html, with Gabriel Flückiger

“[…] Schweigen im Archiv”, in: Les Complices* (ed.) “Journal d’Echo” 1990/2011, Zürich: Edition Fink 2011, pp. 3–4, with Philipp Messner

Conference / Workshops Organization

“CV Cosmetics”, SARN Conference “Art Research Work”, Zurich University of the Arts, 8.–9.12.2017, with Rachel Mader, Marina Belobrovaja

“Art Handling”, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, 27.-28.11.2014, with Christoph Lang, Judith Welter, Wolfgang Ullrich, funded by SNSF

“Artistic Research: The Language Issue”, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, 12.12.2013, funded by Swiss Artistic Research Network

“Handling Exhibitions”, Swiss Congress of Art History, VKKS, Université de Lausanne, 22.–24.9.2013, with Jörg Scheller


Academy of Art and Design Basel (2018–today)

Zurich University of the Arts (2009, 2012, 2017–today)

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (2016–2017)

F+F School of Art and Design (2016–2018)

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (2014)

Recent News / Events

Annotating Feminism & Performance
First event in the Annotating workshop and discussion series.
Designing Community
IXDM with two talks at conference on making community in Paris.
IWL at SAR Conference
The team of Institutions as a Way of Life with a session at artistic research conference in Zurich.
“Salt of the Earth” film screening
Lucie Kolb lecture in Berlin
IXDM’s Lucie Kolb gives a lecture on publishing and instituting.

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