Dr. Shintaro Miyazaki – Researcher / PI

Dr. Shintaro Miyazaki (*1980) is a Berlin-born, Swiss-Japanese senior researcher and principal investigator at the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures. He is also the programme curator of the institute’s Critical Media Lab.

Currently, he is interested in how design, media (technology), art and their practices in the past and now are entangled with discourses and fields such as cybernetics, system and ecosystem thinking, counterculture, marxism, complexity, commoning, worldbuilding, self-design and self-organization? And how could critical contextualizations of “innovative” fields such as IoT, smartness (AI), design thinking, transistion design etc. enrich, confuse and diffract these in order to start fruitful conversations?

Shintaro received his lic. phil. in media studies, musicology, and philosophy (University of Basel, 2007) and his Dr. phil. in media theory and history (Medienwissenschaft) from the Humboldt-University of Berlin (2012, supervised by Wolfgang Ernst, reviewed additionally by Georg Christoph Tholen and Wolfgang Schäffner). In 2011/2012 he was a resident fellow (sound/ composition) at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. Most of his publications and some previews of upcoming ones are uploaded to academia.edu.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Shintaro Miyazaki, Urban Sounds Unheard Of. A Media Archaeology of Ubiquitous Infospheres, in Continuum. Journal of Media & Cultural Studies (Special Issue: Ubiquitous Digitalization of Urban Life and Auditory Culture) (Oxford: Taylor & Francis 2013), doi: 10.1080/10304312.2013.803302. (Link)

Shintaro Miyazaki, AlgoRHYTHMS Everywhere – a heuristic approach to everyday technologies, in Thamyris/Intersecting No. 26, Amsterdam/NY: Rodopi 2013, 135–148.

Shintaro Miyazaki, Hörende Maschinennetzwerke. Auditive Medienästhetiken unscheinbarer Signale, ed. by Erich Hörl and Mark B. N. Hansen, Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft Heft 8, April (2013): 117-126.

Shintaro Miyazaki, Los Ritornelli De La Vida Cotidiana. Experimentos Epistémicos En El Campo De La Tecnología De La Información, Artnodes, No. 12 (Dec. 19 2012). (Link)

Shintaro Miyazaki, Algorhythmics: Understanding Micro-Temporality in Computational Cultures, Computational Cultures. A Journal of Software Studies 2 (2012), peer reviewed online-journal. (Link)

Non Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Shintaro Miyazaki, „Unanschauliche Datenschwärme. Eine medienhistorische Analyse interaktiver Visualisierungen mehrdimensionaler Daten am Computer“, Geschichte und Informatik = Histoire et informatique, Bd. 18/19, 2015, 211–227.

Shintaro Miyazaki, Medienarchäologische Da capo-Variationen zum Musikbegriff, Positionen. Texte zur aktuellen Musik 90, Feb. (2012): 11–13.

Conference Papers

Shintaro Miyazaki, Algorhythmic Listening 1949-1962. Auditory Practices of Early Mainframe Computing, in AISB/IACAP World Congress 2012 – History and Philosophy of Programming, ed. by L. De Mol, G. Primiero, 2012.

Shintaro Miyazaki and Martin Howse, Detektors. Rhythms of Electromagnetic Emissions, their Psychogeophysics and Micrological Auscultation, in Proceedings of the 16th International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA 2010 RUHR (Berlin: Revolver, 2010), 136–138.


Shintaro Miyazaki, Algorhythmisiert. Eine Medienarchäologie digitaler Signale und (un)erhörter Zeiteffekte (Berlin: Kulturverlag Kadmos, 2013).

Articles in Collections

Shintaro Miyazaki, „Hybrids In-between Arts and Sciences. A Media Archaeology of ‚Computer Applications in Archaeology’ 1973–1995“, in: Despina Catapoti, Ingrid Berg (Hg.), Infopaths in Hybrid Environments: Examples from Archaeology, Museology, Urban Geography and Computer Interface Design“, forthcoming.

Shintaro Miyazaki, „Wilde Oszillationen. Der Chua-Schaltkreis als operatives Modell für pfadabhängige Prozesse“, Claudia Mareis, Christoph Windgätter (Hg.), Wild Thing. Unordentliche Prozesse in Desing und Wissenschaft, (Berlin: Kulturverlag Kadmos), forthcoming.

Shintaro Miyazaki, „Neighborhood Sounding. An Archaeology of Dynamic Media Networks 1960-1980 | 2010“, in: Sebastian Vehlken, Tobias Harks (Hg.), Neighborhood Technologies. Media and Mathematics of Dynamic Networks, (Zürich: Diaphanes) 2015,  187–196.

Shintaro Miyazaki, „Wie der Film im Fensterglas verschwand – Taktil-visuelle Oberflächen 1960–2010“, in: Ute Holl (Hg.), Oberflächen und Interfaces. Ästhetik und Politik filmischer Bilder, (München: Wilhelm Fink) 2015, forthcoming.

Shintaro Miyazaki, „Going Beyond the Visible: New Aesthetic as an Aesthetic of Blindness?“, Postdigital Aesthetics. Art, Computation and Design, (David M. Berry and Michael Dieter) (New York: Palgrave Macmillan) 2015, 219–231.

Shintaro Miyazaki, „Critical Media – Signale verstehen, gestalten und setzen“, in: Kirsten Merete Langkilde (Hg.), Ortszeit. Aufzeichnungen der Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW 2014, (Basel: Christoph Merian Verlag) 2014, 157–169.

Shintaro Miyazaki, Katastrophische Algorithmen. Über das hochtechnische Agencement medieninduzierter Zusammenbrüche, in Politiken des Ereignisses, ed. by Tobias Nanz and Johannes Pause (Bielefeld: Transcript, 2014), 223–239.

Shintaro Miyazaki, Das Sonische und das Meer. Epistemogene Effekte von Sonar 1940|2000, in Das geschulte Ohr. Eine Kulturgeschichte der Sonifikation, ed. by Andi Schoon and Axel Volmar (Bielefeld: Transcript, 2012), 129–145.

Shintaro Miyazaki, Algorhythmen im Dazwischen. Eine trans-sonische Medienarchäologie der Mobilfunktelefonie., in Dis Connecting Media: Technik, Praxis und Ästhetik des Telefons. Vom Festnetz zum Handy, ed. by Ulla Authenrieth et al. (Basel: Christoph Merian Verlag, 2011), 157–164.

Shintaro Miyazaki, Das Algorhythmische. Microsounds als zei(t)kritische Schwellenphänome zwischen Sounds und Rhythmen, in Zeitkritische Medien, ed. by Axel Volmar (Berlin: Kulturverlag Kadmos, 2009), 383–396.

Other Publications

Shintaro Miyazaki, The Devil is in the Details: Critical Knowledge about Emerging Information Technologies, in Volume 28 – The Internet of Things, (Amsterdam: Archis, Amo and C-lab, 2011): 14-15

Shintaro Miyazaki, The Devil is in the Details – On the Internet of Things and Algorhythms, Jahrbuch 12. Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuutgart: Edition Solitude), 146–147.

Awards / Fellowships

2013–2014 Post-Doctoral Fellowship funded by “cogito foundation (Wollerau, Switzerland)” for cultivating the dialog between the hard and soft sciences.

Sep. 2012 Residency Scholarship of National University of Singapore.

2011–2012 Fellowship of “Akademie Schloss Solitude”, Stuttgart.

2008–2011 PhD-Fellowship funded by “cogito foundation (Wollerau, Switzerland)” for cultivating the dialog between the hard and soft sciences.

1999 Student prize from “Verein der Ehemaligen und Freunde des Gymnasiums Münchenstein” (VEGYM) for getting two higher school certificates, one specialized in Latin and the other in music.

Conference / Workshops Organization

October 15/16 2014, „Zeitigungen von Medien. Epistemologische, gestalterische und experimentelle Alternativen zur (bisherigen) Mediengeschichtsschreibung“ in collaboration with Wolfgang Ernst, Humboldt University Berlin, Venue: Humboldt University Berlin

September 14 2013, Synthesize – The Future of Digital Media Cultures, organization with Shintaro Miyzaki, Venue: Academy of Art and Design FHNW, Basel

November 22 2012, „Rhythmanalysis“, Venue: Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart


BA level, Spielregeln, Kontextveranstaltungen, Academy of Art and Design, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Sep. 2015–Jan. 2016.

MA level (in English), Graphesis and Synthesis, Visual Communication Institute / The Basel School of Design, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Feb. 2015–June 2015.

BA level (in English), Design for Animals (with Jamie Allen), Academy of Art and Design, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Feb. 2015–June 2015.

BA level, Mikromedien, Kontextveranstaltungen, Academy of Art and Design, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Sep. 2014–Jan. 2015.

MA level (in English), Signal and Inscription, Visual Communication Institute / The Basel School of Design, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Feb. 2014–June 2014

BA/MA level, Media Aesthetics and Neurosciences (=Medienästhetik und Neurowissenschaft), Seminar für Medienwissenschaft, University of Basel, Sep. 2013–Jan. 2014

BA level, Algorhythmic Arts (= Algorhythmische Künste), Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee, Oct. 2012–Febr. 2013

BA level, Introduction to Physical Computing with Arduino (= Einführung in Physical Computing mit Arduino), Seminar für Medienwissenschaft, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Oct. 2008–Feb. 2009

BA level, Introduction to Media Theory (= Einführung in die Medientheorie), Seminar für Medienwissenschaft, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, April–July 2008

Networking Activities

Member of “Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft” since 2009

Recent News / Events

Naturing Affairs
Workhsop at the Critical Media Lab.
Critical Makers Reader
New publication by the Institute of Network Cultures with a contribution by the Critical Media Lab.
Don’t forget to change the beat from time to time – A theory of counter-raving
Keynote lecture by Shintaro Miyazaki at Simultan festival in Romania.
Scholars, artists and designers in dialogue about artificial intelligence. Two-day conference with pre-program for PhD researchers.
Designing Community
IXDM with two talks at conference on making community in Paris.

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